Established Partner Centres in Malaysia

Up to-date, we have established and partnered with many centres located throughout Malaysia.



Take the opportunity to be ahead of your competitors in your area.


In today’s technology era and catering to children of this Millennial age, the key is to transform your centre to meet their needs. 

Features and Benefits:
  •  Opportunity to access high quality Internationally recognised online programme based on Singapore’s curriculum. 
  • Opportunity to learn Mathematics and Science subjects with English as the language of instruction.
  • Students can now access and utilise this programme to complement their current studies in the National Schools (SRK and SMK), thus strengthening their subjects in English, Mathematics and Science and improving on English learned as a language of instruction.
  • It is an excellent and alternative form of tuition, thus saving thousands of ringgit over the entire schooling years of a student.
  • Comprehensive and excellent syllabus, ready to be adopted for home schooling students.
  • Excellent second language lessons for students to learn English or Chinese languages.
  • Supplement and increase the depth a student’s knowledge in Mathematics and Science subjects.
  • Singapore education has constantly been ranked among the top three in International Education on Mathematics and Science by Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) – 
  • Ranked top in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) –