About Us


MeMo ‘Goes to School Lab Series provides students with fun and interactive educational learning programmes via the use of technology in education. Delivered through our trusted interactive-Learning platform, our digital curriculum complements the textbooks and enrich lessons learnt at classrooms, thus extending the depth of the learning process of a student in the important subjects of English language, Mathematics, Science and optional Chinese language.
This extended i-Learning and i-Teaching process makes teaching and learning more engaging and effective through the use of rich multimedia.
Marshall Cavendish and Turtlediary online interactive learning programmes have proven strong track records in Singapore and globally. Marshall Cabendish has secured more than 350,000 students from Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Turtlediary currently is being accessed by more than 225 countries, worldwide.  

MeMo ‘Goes to School’ Lab Series is now available to all Malaysian students from Kindergarten age to Primary and Secondary school levels.

Training on the steps on utilizing the Interactive Multimedia System

An example of a Computer lab system complete with ‘Class Management System’ software

A fully functional computer lab system complete with Class Management System software to manage and control the connected PCs. All PCs are fitted with mini CPUs and wireless keyboard and mouse (without the bulky desktops) 



A typical Interactive Multimedia system 


Comprehensive Online Software Programmes

Our MeMo ‘Goes to School’ Lab series of educational software consists of programmes ranging from Kindergarten 3 years old to Primary and Secondary school levels.

A fast growing trend

The adoption of our Interactive Multimedia Systems and online Educational software programmes among our partner kindergartens and schools are fast growing throughout the country, in all major towns (including East Malaysia)